You have never ever seen before this Heartwarming family photo of Princess Diana by his son Prince William

Prince William shares heartwarming family photo of Princess Diana after charity speech. PRINCE William has shared a rarely seen heartwarming photo of him and a young Prince Harry with their late mother Princess Diana, as he praised her charity work in a personal speech today. Speaking at the Charity Commission, the 35-year-old Duke of Cambridge touched on his parentsai??i?? influence in how he is raising his own children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, and his approach to charitable work.

Outlining the Royal Familyai??i??s dedication to charity work, he said: ai???My family have not done this because it looks good ai??i?? they do it because charity is not an optional extra in society.

ai???We believe that, above anything else, charities nurture, repair, build and sustain our society. Without the work that charities do, society would be an empty

During the speech, the Kensington Palace official Twitter account shared a rarely seen image of Prince William aged 12, with Princess Diana and Prince Harry, from when she took the boys to The Passage homeless center. Prince William told the audience about how his mother Diana, Princess of Wales would take him to homeless shelters as a child and explained to him ai???why people I met there matter, why no society can be healthy unless we take other people seriouslyai???.

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William also noted the Queen has never made a Christmas broadcast without acknowledging charities Photo (C) PA

And paying tribute to the Prince of Wales, he said: ai???From my father, I learned how central charity was to his life, his sense of purposeai???

ai???The Princeai??i??s Trust is not an arms-length organization for my father.

ai???He cares deeply about The Princeai??i??s Trust because it is a living projection of his values.

My family have not done this because it looks good ai??i?? they do it because charity is not an optional extra in society.

ai???As a young child, I recall evening after evening my fatherai??i??s diligence and compassion as he applied himself to answering thousands of letters and reading endless reports in order to stay on top of his ambition to do all he could to help the underprivileged.

ai???Without my realizing it, what my parents were doing was instilling in me and Harry a lifelong habit to put charity at the heart of our

He also praised the tireless efforts of his grandmother, the Queen, and his grandfather Prince Phillip.

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William paid tribute to Diana and Prince Charles for instilling in him the importance of charity Photo (C) PA

Prince William said: ai???My grandfather Prince Philip has been one of the most tireless public servants of this country, deeply committed to helping young people fulfill their potential.

ai???My grandmother The Queen has never given a Christmas broadcast without paying tribute to charitable organizations, volunteers and people who care for

The duke, who set up a Royal Foundation with Prince Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge to pull together their charity work, warned against divisive fundraising and territorial behavior and urged charities to work collaboratively. He said: ai???Instead of setting up more individual charities working in the same fields, I wonder if we could do more to explore ways of combining forces, working and innovating together?ai???

ai???Competition for funds between an ever-growing number of charities, and the confusion it can cause among donors, can lead to the soloing of expertise and, at worst, territorial behavior.

Prince William visited the Evelina London Childrenai??i??s Hospital, and paid tribute to his parents Photo (C) P4

ai???I know that this message is not always easy to hear: charities exist because those who work and volunteer for them each believe passionately in its

Prince William delivered the speech while his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge visited a London infant school to give the green light to the online project being piloted in 50 schools and coordinated and financed by the duchessai??i?? Royal Foundation. The pregnant Duchess said she is committed to helping the ai???youngest and most vulnerableai??? in society as she launched a mental health website for teachers supporting pupils. The couple are expecting their third child this spring.

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