Woman Travels 500 Miles To Meet Date Only To Find Out She Was Victim Of ‘Pull A Pig’ Prank

Sophie Stevenson had the misfortune of being in Barcelona when the unfortunate van attack took place that robbed 16 citizens of their lives and injured countless others. Sophie was able to narrowly avoid a disaster and she even made a new friend in the process. Jesse Mateman happened to be staying at her hotel and he spent the next few days looking after Sophie and her friends.

He seemed to be a kindhearted young man who had their best interests at heart. Sophie and Jesse ended up sleeping with one another during this trip and a romance seemed to be blossoming. Sophie would soon return to Manchester and Jesse returned to his home in Amsterdam. They remained in touch on a daily basis and Jesse told her that he was willing to come pay her a visit.

Jesse would soon change his mind and he invited Sophie to Amsterdam instead. She immediately booked a hotel room and bought the plane ticket. The two remained in contact until she boarded her plane and everything seemed to be on the up and up. When Sophie finally arrived in Amsterdam, it was immediately obvious that something was amiss.

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