Therea��s A New Toy On The Market For People Who Love To Pop Pimples

With the popularity of Dr. Pimple Popper onlineA�and everyone becoming obsessed with seeing pimples popped (and begging their boyfriends to let them pop their pimples), ita��s no wonder that a company decided to take advantage of the market and create something for youa��individuals. If you ask me,A�I think popping pimples is gross and shouldna��t be done(scarring, ya��all). Get yourself some medicine or ointment and treat that bad boy, dona��t pop it. And, if you find entertainment and joy in watching other people have giant pimples and blackheads poppeda��God Bless your stomachs.

But, the good news is that if youa��re really into this kind of thing, therea��s a new toy on the market that youa��ll probably love and enjoy. Pop It Pal is a toy that allows you pop a�?fake pimples.a�? Theya��ll ooze out pus just like regular pimples, so you can relive that sweet satisfaction you feel when you do it to yourself (or others). The company offers two skin typesA� (peach or brown), and each set includes one a�?refilla�? of yellow pus and a tool to refill the pimplesa��so, you get your moneya��s worth.

Pop It Pal is sold for only $19.99a��so I guess you can put a price on weird obsessionsa��andA�can be purchased on the companya��s website.

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