SHOCKING NEWS FOR CAMILLA: Will Prince Harry not invite Camilla on His Wedding?

Since her divorce, Fergie has been snubbed by the Royal Family, although she still occasionally attends some functions with her daughters. Harry, however, recently decided to reach out to Fergie by inviting her to his wedding. This is something which probably won’t come as a surprise to many people. Harry has hit the headlines countless times over the years for his behavior (who could forget that Nazi costume?!) and probably had a lot of sympathy for Fergie as a result. A royal aide told the Daily Mail:

“Harry has nailed his colors to the mast on this. He wants his aunt there and she will be.”

It has been reported that Prince Philip and Charles did not want Fergie at the wedding in May, but Harry chose to ignore their wishes.

A source told the

“It has been made very clear by Buckingham Palace that they don’t want the Duchess of York to attend. With every wedding there is an issue over who to invite, and this time it’s very much been the ‘awkward aunt’ problem. It has thrown up a massive headache for the two palaces.”


Being a member of the Royal Family isn’t easy, and it must be difficult to be condemned for actions that are, well, perfectly human. If the Royals can forgive Harry for his past indiscretions, then maybe it’s time they follow his lead and forgive Fergie too. Either way, we will certainly keep our eyes peeled for Fergie and, of course, Harry and William’s sister Laura when the big day finally arrives!

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