Prince Harry and Prince William May have Destroyed Camillaai??i??s Dream of becoming a Queen

More news on the royal family! But this time, it doesnai??i??t involve the Harry and Meghan Markle weddingai??i??though it does involve Prince Harry. For a while now there have been rumors of a feud involving Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker Bowles. But now it looks like the attention has been re-focused on Prince William and Prince Harry. Apparently, it is the brothers who hold the power in deciding whether to allow Camilla to become queen or just princess consort. This feud has become way more intense than expected.

According to the Daily Mail, itai??i??s turned into a war in determining the future king and queen. No one anticipated for this decision to take such a turn. This is due apparently to Williamai??i??s and Harryai??i??s hostility towards Camilla, according to reports. It has also been reported, that though Charles is showing everyone that he is genuinely happy for his son and Meghan Markleai??i??s engagement, it is turning into a bit of an issue for him.

Itai??i??s natural for the situation to be compared to what happened when Prince William married Kate Middleton. If you recall, William and Kate became so popular that they got the nickname of ai???Charles and Diana Mark IIai???.

Itai??i??s been awhile since there was any serious conversation about Charles and Camilla stepping aside so that William and Kate Middleton would take the throne.

But those conversations started up when Kate was brought into the picture, adding a lot to the soaring rumors that Charles and Parker Bowles may not be the next king and queen.

But according to insiders, what it really comes down to is the relationship between Prince Charles and his two sons, Harry and William. That alone will determine the outcome of the battle for the throne.

Itai??i??s been two decades since Dianaai??i??s death and instead of patching up their relationship with their father and stepmother, Prince William and Prince Harry reportedly are even more united in opposing Camilla Parker Bowles.

For example, for Camillaai??i??s 70th birthday in July, royal observers assumed that William and Harry would celebrate with Camilla. However, neither of Charlesai??i?? sons made any public statement about her birthday.

On top of all this, according to Express, Camilla is furious about the number of reports that claim that William and Kate will become the next king and queen. Sheai??i??s also pretty angry at reports noting that thereai??i??s a possibility that Charles will allow himself to be sidelined. Guess weai??i??ll see what happens.

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