Prince Harry and Prince William Have a Sister that almost No One really knows about

The British Royal Family are a source of fascination. From the moment they are born until long after they die, they are under constant public scrutiny, and therefore it can be easy to assume that we know everything that there is to know about their lives. So, naturally, people were shocked to discover that Prince William and Harry actually have a sister that almost no one knew about!

William and Harry are notoriously private people. The media were in-part blamed for the untimely death of their mother, Princess Diana, because they hounded her with cameras, and, as a result, her sons have done what they can to keep their private lives private. This desire for secrecy is something which their stepmother, Camilla Parker Bowles, shares in common with them. After marrying her long-term partner Prince Charles in 2005, she chose to keep her children, including Prince Harry and William’s sister, out of the limelight.

The princes’ sister is called Laura Lopes. Not wanting her daughter to lose her privacy, Camilla kept her out of the public eye when she married Charles, and because of this, she lives a relatively normal life – despite the fact that her step-father will one day be king. The 40-year-old’s father is Camilla’s first husband Andrew Parker Bowles.

Camilla and Andrew also had a son called Tom, who leads an equally unobtrusive life as a food author and journalist. Laura manages a number of gallery spaces across London for a living. She is also a married mother-of-three. Despite being out of the public eye, however, the brother and sister have a good relationship with Harry and William. In fact, Laura was one of Kate’s bridesmaids during her wedding to Prince William in 2011 – although the media did not take notice of it at the time. Check out the video below to remind yourself of that glorious day, and, obviously, get excited about Harry and Meghan’s wedding!

While it’s only natural to assume that Laura will be attending Harry’s upcoming wedding to Meghan Markle, there is another family member whose invitation has caused more than a little drama as no one else wanted her there!

Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson, the Duchess of York and mother to Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, has been ostracized from the Royal Family after she divorced from Prince Andrew in the early nineties. After the two grew apart, she was frequently photographed in the company of other men, despite still being married, and on one occasion was even snapped topless – something which was deemed very un-royal behavior.

Since her divorce, Fergie has been snubbed by the Royal Family, although she still occasionally attends some functions with her daughters. Harry, however, recently decided to reach out to Fergie by inviting her to his wedding. This is something which probably won’t come as a surprise to many people. Harry has hit the headlines countless times over the years for his behavior (who could forget that Nazi costume?!) and probably had a lot of sympathy for Fergie as a result. A royal aide told the Daily Mail:

“Harry has nailed his colors to the mast on this. He wants his aunt there and she will be.”

It has been reported that Prince Philip and Charles did not want Fergie at the wedding in May, but Harry chose to ignore their wishes.

A source told the

“It has been made very clear by Buckingham Palace that they don’t want the Duchess of York to attend. With every wedding there is an issue over who to invite, and this time it’s very much been the ‘awkward aunt’ problem. It has thrown up a massive headache for the two palaces.”


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  1. Harry will invite who he what’s at his wedding .The other should stay out and mind there’s busy. None of them are angles.So stop blaming others for mistakes they done.

  2. I am so excited to see Prince Harry and Megan’s Wed. Last week Megan’s half sister Samantha was on Current Affair here in Australia were publicly talk about how much fund Megan had to buy a dress and so on. She wanted Megan to give that’s fund to their father, who is looks unhappy. I question myself to Samantha “ tell your father how much he spent for Megan in her life” . Why now Megan going to be a Princess or future Queen, Samantha yielded about money and others, tell to your father to count it all and I am sure Megan will pay it off. I see Samantha is too jealous to Megan with her new life as a fiancée now but shortly as a Harry’s wife. Her Samantha, “ does you care to Megan when your father divorced her mum?”… you just shut up and let Megan enjoy her life as a Princess, she diserve of it. To Harry and Megan, every night I use to read all news about you both, and I am excited to see Megan as a bride on 19th May 2018. Even I am in Australia but I will watch your wedding. I pray that God will bless you and Harry abundantly, exceedingly , full in love and lives in happiness and harmony in your life, family and future. In Jesus name “ Amen “.

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