Kate Middleton was on a brief tour to the Mother and Baby Unit at the Bethlem Royal Hospital in south-east London today

Pregnant Kate covers bump in the rain to meet mums – but is this a clue for a boy? The Duchess of Cambridge is meeting mothers being treated for mental health conditions at a specialist NHS unit today. Sheltering from the rain under her umbrella, Kate was dressed in blue – choosing the color for the second day in a row. She wore blue yesterday when she met primary school teachers at a north London school, sparking speculation she will be having a boy when she gives birth in April.

Kate toured the Mother and Baby Unit at the Bethlem Royal Hospital in south-east London today to chat to the clinicians and patients and learn more about the issues surrounding maternal mental health. Ahead of the visit to the hospital unit in Buckingham the Duchess has travelled to King’s College London’s Maurice Wahl Clinical Neuroscience Institute.

Kate Middleton chatted to patients at the Mother and Baby Unit at the Bethlem Royal Hospital Photo (C) ANDREW PARSONS, IMAGES

The unit is a key research facility in the university’s efforts to fast-track new treatments to patients affected by conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia and epilepsy. The work undertaken by the academics at the leading teaching and Research University is likely to find practical use helping to treat mothers at the Bethlem Royal Hospital. Kate will visit a laboratory at the institute, part of King’s College London’s Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, to receive a briefing on its work in perinatal research – study surrounding the time of a child’s birth. She will then meet senior academics conducting research in perinatal psychiatry. In a speech on Tuesday, Kate said she was committed to helping the “youngest and most vulnerable” when she launched the pilot of a new mental health website aimed at providing resources for primary school teachers supporting their pupils.

The Duchess of Cambridge covered her baby bump with a clutch and a light blue coat Photo (C) ANDREW PARSONS, IMAGES

The visits are part of the duchess’s desire to continue to develop her understanding of the challenges and issues surrounding maternal mental health, to learn what support is available, and to hear first-hand about the science underpinning our understanding of the biological influences on maternal mental health. One in 10 children from suffers some kind of mental health issue, often because of problems in the family such as abuse, addiction, neglect, or marital breakdown affecting all social classes.

Kate, who is five months pregnant with her third child, told education and mental health professionals: “When we intervene early in life, we help avoid problems that are much more challenging to address in adulthood.

Kate desires to continue to develop her understanding of the challenges surrounding maternal mental Photo (C) ANDREW PARSONS, IMAGES

“My own commitment is to the youngest and most vulnerable in their early years – babies, toddlers and schoolchildren – and to support all those who care for them.”

Kate Middleton

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge full name Catherine Elizabeth Kate Middleton was conceived on 9 January 1982. She is an individual from the British regal family, design symbol, and supporter of games, expressions and kids’ associations. Her significant other, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is second in line to wind up ruler of the United Kingdom and 15 other Commonwealth domains, making Catherine a feasible future ruler partner.

Catherine experienced childhood in Chapel Row, a town close Newbury, Berkshire, England. She contemplated workmanship history in Scotland at the University of St Andrews, where she met William in 2001. Their engagement was declared in November 2010 preceding they wedded on 29 April 2011 at Westminster Abbey. The Duke and Duchess’ kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, are third and fourth in the line of progression individually, and the couple are expecting their third tyke. Catherine’s effect on British and American form has been known as the “Kate Middleton impact” in the media, and in 2012 and 2013, she was chosen as one of the “100 Most Influential People in the World” by Time magazine.

In 2001, Middleton met Prince William while they were the two understudies in living arrangement at St Salvator’s Hall at the University of St Andrews. The couple started dating in 2003, in spite of the fact that their relationship stayed unverified. On 17 October 2005, Middleton griped through her legal counselor about badgering from the media, expressing that she had done nothing huge to warrant exposure.

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