Kate Middleton Facing The Hard Time Once More

Kate Middleton’s uncle Gary Goldsmith was sentenced after he assaulted his wife.

The uncle of Duchess of Cambridge, Gary Goldsmith was sentenced in court after he pleaded guilty to punching his wife.

According to our source, Gary Goldsmith who is currently 52 years old was fined $6650 and 20 rehab sessions after he attacked his wife Julie-Ann Goldsmith in October. Although he will not serve any time in jail but the offense he did was actually shameful.

Gary and his wife, Julie Ann Goldsmith were at a charity event on the night of October 13 when he began to argue with Julie on the way home in a cab. His wife slapped him once in the middle of the argument. He got angry and reacted back by punching her in the face. She fell backwards and hit her head on the ground, which knocked her unconscious for about 15 seconds.

Gary Goldsmith did not admit to hitting his wife but later on he admitted to the guilt of hitting his wife in the face. He explained that it happened in the heat of the matter. Julie-Ann Goldsmith said in a statement that she now suffers panic attacks and rarely leaves the house.

“I find it very hard to face people and I am a prisoner in my own home,” Her statement read, according to the telegraph.

“This whole incident has caused me a lot of stress and anxiety — I do not know how much hurt and upset I can take.”

During sentencing, the judge referred Gary Goldsmith to, the brother of Duchess’s mother, as a “nasty drunk.”

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