If You’re Having A Hard Time Choosing Your Next Dog, This Hilarious Dog Breed’s Guide Will Come In Handy

Considering how many dog breeds are out there, it can get really confusing sometimes. Pinpointing exactly what breed a certain dog is can be quite tricky sinceA�a lot of them look exactly alike.

Which is why Grace Gogarty a.k.a. Little Tunny was kind enough to come up with a comprehensive comic series that will ease up the process of identifyingA�dog breeds.

Little Tunny started off by dividing her work into three categories: big, medium and small dog breeds, that way no doggo will ever get left out and people would easilyA�get introduced to a particular new breed they never were aware of.

1. Husky

via:A�Grace Gogarty

2. Dobermann

via:A�Grace Gogarty

3. German Shepherd

via:A�Grace Gogarty

4. Pitt bulls

5. Labs

via:A�Grace Gogarty

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