Iceland Are Not Offering $2,000 A Month To Foreign Men Who’ll Marry Their Women

Thinking that there was some serious cash in it, and potentially a beautiful wife, Icelandic women began to receive countless messages on social media from strangers around the world. This upset them because it made them feel like men wanted to own them like property.

But logically, the offer only applied if the beautiful Icelandic woman in question wanted to marry you. They’re not that desperate.

News of the money was first broke in the summer of 2016 when an article made the following claim:

“Perhaps the most prominent of our attention the story that it’s because of the high proportion of females than males have resorted government of that country to the solution is to grant $2,000 per month per immigrant marries Icelandic, and that the priority in this resolution will go to North Africa’s population (sic).”

Now, there are quite a few grammatical errors in that statement – which was the first red flag that something about it wasn’t true.

While it didn’t take long for the supposed offer to go viral, people with more than two brain cells to rub together began to look into Icelandic population numbers. They showed that there were more men than women on the island, completely debunking the “offer”.

Check out the video below to see one man’s reaction to this incredible offer:

The fact that the statement gave priority to North African men was no coincidence either, as that’s where the hoax originated from. It was started by a North African blog called The Spirit Whisperers, which is famed for spreading viral hoaxes.

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