Heart Breaking News for Camilla and Prince Charles as Prince William and Prince Harry Could REFUSE it

Heart Breaking News for Camilla and Prince Charles as Prince William and Prince Harry Could REFUSE it. Prince William and Harry could REFUSE Charles request to let Camilla be Queen. Princes William and Harry may not allow Charles to make Camilla his Queen if he were to become King, it has been reported. Courtiers believe Charles would need the backing of his sons to make her his Queen, rather than “Princess Consort”.

Prince Charles, pictured here with the Duchess of Cornwall, was named in the Paradise Papers leak Photo (C) GETTY

But it is unclear whether William or Harry would offer any such support.

One of Prince Charles’ friends has said: “He has little influence over the boys these days beyond the fact that he controls their money.”

Moreover, an old friend of Diana’s who went to Kensington Palace earlier this year to discuss the boys’ plans for a statue of their mother, told the Mail: “It was pretty clear they don’t have a good word for Camilla.”

The reports have come as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding has been set for a day set for May 2018. The highly-anticipated announcement of Harry and Meghan’s engagement was confirmed by a “delighted” Prince Charles in a brief statement issued by Clarence House on Monday morning.

Claims that Charles had joined his younger brother Andrew in working to oust the Queen’s Private Secretary, Sir Christopher Geidt, have also been vigorously dismissed

Speculation was rife that there would be another Bank Holiday after the UK enjoyed a day off to celebrate the weddings of Prince Charles, Prince William and Princess Anne. Theresa May later faced a backlash when she announced British workers would not get a Bank Holiday for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, adding that seeing “two young people in love” should be enough. However, according to reports, it can now be revealed that the UK will get a Bank Holiday weekend to celebrate the royal wedding – but it is one Britain already had.

The couple have already confirmed they will tie the knot at St George’s Chapel Windsor Castle, where Harry’s father the Prince of Wales married the Duchess of Cornwall. The month of May is filled with other events that Prince Harry and Meghan’s would be keen to avoid a clash with – including Princess Charlotte’s her third birthday on May 2 and local elections.

Prince Charles (second from right) and Princess Anne (right) all attended the Gathering

The Duchess of Cambridge is also due to give birth around that time, so the ginger royal and former Suits star are likely to avoid the early part of the month in case the baby is overdue like Charlotte was in 2015. A Saturday wedding will break with the royal precedent of a weekday ceremony, but a spokesman for the pair has already revealed Harry and Meghan “want the day to be shaped so as to allow members of the public to feel part of the celebrations too”. Earlier this week, Harry and Meghan’s spokesman said: “The couple want the day to be a special, celebratory moment for their friends and family.

Prince Charles Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES

“They also want the day to be shaped so as to allow members of the public to feel part of the celebrations too and are currently working on ideas for how this might be achieved.

“This wedding, like all weddings, will be a moment of fun and joy that will reflect the characters of the bride and groom.”


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  1. He should never become king wales will reject him and horse face never be queen over this country after what they done to Williams and harry s mother Diana shame on royal family if that let it happen cos it will be end off royal family there never be any one to respect them and we have to vite to pick some one to run our country like they do in USA and do we really want that just let William and Kate take the throne .

  2. we do not want that woman as queen ,we just don’t want her. how can such a bitch even show her face anywhere. and Charles is too old fashioned , Kate and William should be the ones on the throne ,that way we are all safe. why is Charles not being questioned about the death of our dear Diana after the statement from the man who says he killed her .wish he had said who payed him to do that

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