Elton John cancels two tour dates to attend Prince Harry and Meghan Marklea��s wedding

The palace insider confirmed that Princess Eugenie will be given away by her father, Prince Andrew. He said: a�?Oh yes, fathers always give their daughters away. I would hope that Meghana��s father will give her away.

a�?We know he is reclusive living in Mexico, but it would be such a shame if he didna��t.

a�?The interesting part of the whole set up is that Eugeniea��s mother would be there.

a�?That would be the first time she would be in a formal gathering with the royal family for a long, long time.a�?

Mr. Arbiter insists the wedding will be peaceful Photo (C) GETTY

Despite Sarah Ferguson, 58, and Prince Andrew, 57, separating in 1996, Mr Arbiter insists the wedding will be peaceful. He continued: a�?The family are very polite, extremely polite and they will welcome her as the mother of the bride and thata��s it.

a�?At the end of the day, she and Andrew will go back to Royal Lodge and the rest of the family will go back to their respective homes and Eugenie and Jack will go on their honeymoon.

a�?Everything will be right. She and Andrew are living under the same roof. Everything is still friendly.

a�?They have been first-class parents. Theya��ve been joint parents for the two girls growing up, things happening at school, theya��ve been there.

a�?Theya��ve been model parents.a�?

The Queen was very happy for newly-engaged Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank Photo (C) GETTY

When asked about whether Eugeniea��s fiancA� will get a title after marrying the princess, the Royal expert said: a�?When you get a male member of the royal family, the female adopts the name of the male member.

a�?But the male a�?commonera�� doesna��t adopt the name of the female royal member.

a�?You may remember a story some time ago appeared about the Duke of York allegedly wanting prospective grooms of his daughters to have a title, but there was a suggestion that the Prince of Wales had vetoed that.

a�?Whether there is any truth in that I dona��t know, but I think in fact that a title is a bit of handicap certainly to the children.

a�?It doesna��t get you any further, it doesna��t get you anywhere. The proof of the pudding is in the eating with Peter Phillips and Zara Tindall.

a�?Theya��ve managed perfectly well and very successfully without having a title. Having a title is not the be all and end all.a�?

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