Elton John cancels two tour dates to attend Prince Harry and Meghan Marklea��s wedding

Are THESE issues really matters in Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie Wedding? What Prince Charles and Prince Andrew would do? Princess Eugeniea��s wedding a�?will NOT be overshadoweda�� by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and will have a tremendous guest list according to the former Royal Palace Press Secretary Dickie Arbiter. Both of the Royal weddings will be held in St Georgea��s Chapel at Windsor Castle, but despite the high profile of Harry and Megan, Mr. Arbiter insists Eugeniea��s will not be on a smaller scale.

The former Press Secretary said a full royal turnout is expected for both weddings Photo (C) GETTY

The former Press Secretary said a full royal turnout is expected for both weddings, but there could be a big difference in the guest list. Mr. Arbiter said: a�?Harry and Meghan will be very conscious that the guest list will be the people that they want. a�?In the case of Harry being sixth in line to the throne and his father being heir to the throne, there might well be some people who they have to invite in terms of protocol. a�?That sort of situation wona��t fall on Eugenie because she is number nine in line to the throne so pretty low down the food chain.

a�?Is Harry a celebrity groupie? Not really. Is Eugenie a celebrity groupie? Well probably.

a�?Shea��s got a lot more celebrity friends than Harry has so the guest list would probably differ.a�?

Also, Prince Harry will be expected to conduct different duties because of his position in line to the throne. The former Press Secretary added: a�?At the end of the day a wedding is a wedding and the ceremony itself will be very much like Harrya��s.

Eugeniea��s wedding will not necessarily be more relaxed than Harry and Megana��s Photo (C) GETTY

a�?Having said that Harry is number six in line, he would undoubtedly probably do a carriage drive or a walk about Windsor.

a�?I would image a carriage ride after the wedding, whether Eugenie does the same, well that really remains to be seen.a�?

But Dickie Arbiter said Eugeniea��s wedding will not necessarily be more relaxed than Harry and Megana��s.

He added: a�?You look at Harry and you look at Meghan. I think ita��ll be pretty relaxed. The only time people think it wona��t be relaxed is when you have a full turnout of the royal family, but no, ita��ll be very relaxed.a�?

Both Royal weddings are expected to use St Georgea��s Hall at Windsor Castle for the reception.

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank pose for official photos Photo (C) PA

Mr. Arbiter continued: a�?I would have thought for that number of people that St Georgea��s Hall, the Grand Reception Room, Waterloo Chamber a�� they are all interlinked those three rooms a�� so the likelihood is it could well be there.

a�?There has been no details given or announcement but it would make sense that if you have 800 that would be a way to accommodate them.a�?

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