Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton wears Lady Diana’s favorite Stunning tiara for Buckingham Palace reception with Camilla Parker Bowles, and looked gorgeous in it

THE Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Cornwall dazzled as they arrived at a diplomatic reception at Buckingham Palace, with Kate honoring her late mother-in-law by wearing her favorite tiara. Wearing the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara, Kate was seen arriving at the bash with Prince William.

The Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara was famously a favorite of her husband’s late mother Princess Diana. Princess Diana paired the tiara with her iconic Elvis dress by London-based couturière Catherine Walker during a tour of Hong Kong in 1989. Kate, who is pregnant with her third child, paired the tiara with pearl drop earrings and a diamond necklace.

Her glossy brunette hair was swept back into an elegant chignon and she wore a white beaded dress. The Cambridge Lover’s Knot is an heirloom that’s been passed down through the generations having been commissioned originally by Queen Mary, wife of George V and our Queen’s grandmother, in 1914.

Prince William was seen in the back of the car wearing white tie. His father Prince Charles and Camilla arrived in a different car to the expectant parents. Wearing the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara, Kate was seen arriving at the bash with Prince William.

The Duchess of Cornwall also wore a tiara and beaded gown and accessorized the glittering headpiece with a three-strand pearl necklace. It is not the first time Kate has worn the Cambridge Lover’s Knot, which is becoming a favorite of the royal for state events. She was pictured in the tiara in July and also wore the headdress in December 2015. Raiding her own jewelry box for pearls and diamonds, Queen Mary turned to Garrard & Co for the job of crafting the piece. She is said to have used a tiara worn by her own grandmother Princess Augusta of Hesse as inspiration. Princess Augusta also held the title Duchess of Cambridge, hence the name of the piece. Swinging pearls hang from 19 upturned diamond arches, capped with a design known as lover’s knots. Duchess of Cambridge wears Princess Diana’s favorite tiara.

The frame is silver and gold. Eagle-eyed observers later noted a modification: at some stage the original top layer of pearls was removed by Mary, perhaps to reduce the weight. When Mary died in 1953 she willed the tiara to the current Queen who wore the piece frequently, including during a Commonwealth tour in 1954 and at a 1958 fi lm premiere, before presenting it to a thrilled Diana. Despite Mary’s adjustment the tiara is so heavy that it’s said to have given Diana headaches. That is why she favored a lighter model, from her family’s collection of jewels, for her marriage to Charles in 1981.

Diana wore the tiara for the first time in public at the state opening of Parliament a few months later and it was given another outing on an official visit to the US with her husband. In 1989 Diana paired the tiara with even more pearls – 20,000 of them to be precise – on a Catherine Walker outfit that was dubbed “the Elvis dress” on account of its upturned collar. After the Princess’s death in 1997 the tiara was kept in a safe at Buckingham Palace before being passed to Kate following her marriage to Prince William.

SOUTH KOREA – NOVEMBER 03: Diana Princess of Wales at an official state banquet in South Korea. (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)

Tonight’s diploamtic reception at Buckingham Palace comes amid reports Prince William and Prince Harry may not allow Charles to make Camilla his Queen.  Courtiers allegedly believe Charles would need the backing of his sons to make her his Queen, rather than “Princess Consort”.

But it is unclear whether William or Harry would offer any such support. One of Prince Charles’ friends has said: “He has little influence over the boys these days beyond the fact that he controls their money.”

And the Royals have also been blighted by speculation of a feud between the Duchess of Cornwall and William and Kate over their future position in the Royal Family. Camilla, who married Prince Charles in 2005, is said to be “fuming” at reports Prince William could possibly become king when the Queen dies.

Speculation that Charles might consider stepping aside to allow the popular Duke of Cambridge to take the throne has sparked chaos.  Camilla is said to have been enraged at the possibility of her husband giving up his chance to reign. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did not join the party, with the fifth-in-line to the throne attending a carol service in the capital tonight. It comes as the Royal Family prepares for Prince Harry’s wedding. He will wed the US actress in a ceremony at Windsor Castle in May next year.

Lady Diana Spencer, the future Diana, Princess of Wales (1961 – 1997) at a polo match in Hampshire, 1981. It was on this occasion that she was driven to tears by press intrusion. (Photo by Kypros/Getty Images)

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