7 Times Will and Kate Made Us Remember Charles and Diana

Today marks the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death and even though it’s been two decades, we still miss Dianna’s style and grace. Leave it to daughter-in-law Kate Middleton to pick a dress that Diana would have loved and to show just how classic Princess Di’s taste really was.

There’s a hidden meaning to Kate’s Prada dress beyond just being lovely in style points out that puppies are a flower often used in the UK as a symbol of remembrance for those who have passed. The dresses silhouette also brings to mind princess Diana who was really fond of wearing that same pussy bow neckline the puppy dress.

Isn’t the only hidden meaning from yesterday’s Memorial Vogue reports that the new white garden at Kensington Palace where the tribute took place was fertilized with the sixty million individual blooms from flowers that mourners left at the palaces gates after Princess Diana died.

There were many times when Kate Middleton dressed just like Diana.

When Diana visited Shaukat Khanum Hospital in Pakistan in 1996:

When Kate visited Assyakirin Mosque in Malaysia in 2012:

Princess Diana in Jesper Conran Suit in 1983:

Kate Middleton on Saint Partick’s day in 2014:

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