Fif, why?

50 Cent is one of the pettiest people alive. He’s more petty than Richard and Tom put together. He’s a South Jamaican beef petty. And that pettiness isn’t just reserved for his fellow rappers and people like Floyd Mayweather, it even extends to the way he treats his son.

50’s oldest son Marquise just turned 18 and Fif celebrated the milestone by announcing a party to mark the end of his child support payments.

“Child support release party Friday 13, Club Lust 1:00 AM Happy Hour drinks on me. Tom petty is alive !!!” he wrote. “Ladies with no kids, Free Admission 😆 Ladies who didn’t collect child support, Free Admission.”

Well, this obviously got back to Marquise, who had jokes of his own.

“Damn, if only your new TV show was this funny,” he wrote, dissing the rapper-cum-TV executive.

50 screenshotted The Shade Room’s post about his son’s clapback and used it to shame both Marquise and gossip publications.

“Lol, you see how far people get into things they know nothing about?” he asked. “SMH. So you like to see the boy challenge me? Real life is starting. Gotta get out and make it happen like I did now.”

A History Of Beef

Source: Instagram @50cent

Marquise wasn’t the only one clowning on 50 Cent’s TV projects. His new comedy show 50 Central premiered to abysmal ratings, something that his long-time nemesis Irv Gotti couldn’t help but point out on social media.

“Let it be known. 50 Central was the worst premiered show in BET all year [sic],” Gotti said in an Instagram post that has since been deleted. “Both that and the show before it combined to be the worst premieres for BET all year.”

Gotti and 50 haven’t become any warmer toward each other in the years since 50 moved his focus away from rapping. 50 recently went after Gotti’s girl on social media, saying that she was a former escort.

“LOL you in love with a call girl, shorty was one of Taz angels. Smh and you just kiss her in the mouth. you gotta get your life together Sucker,” he wrote.

The post seemed to be in response to an interview Gotti gave with The Breakfast Club where he accused the rapper of being soft.

“The guy who’s claiming to be the roughest, toughest… You got beat up and poked up and you ran to the precinct pressed charges on us, and, the really death blow, you took out an order of protection,” Irv said. “That’s like sh** your baby mama does! … That’s women’s sh**!”

But it’s never enough for 50 to have just one or two beefs. He also recently attacked Diddy for his photoshoot for the cover of XXL magazine’s 20th anniversary issue.

“N**ga tried to make his eyes look all glossy, This n**ga a fruit biscuit. LOL.” he wrote under an image of Diddy.

“N**ga you ain’t got no hazel eyes, unless that’s like cataracts or some s**t. LOL,” he wrote under a second image of Diddy next to a dog.

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