19-year-old from Lynwood charged for raping a high school student as she was dying from an overdose

When the police interrogated Varela he admitted to having sex with the high school student but told them the sex was consensual even though she was “out of it.” He had tried to wash his DNA off Noceda’s body after she died. He then stuffed her into a crate and started researching on the internet for how to dispose of a body. He told the authorities that he was too afraid to call them.

Noceda’s mother put a post on Facebook saying she was missing (Facebook)

Varela read Noceda’s mother’s post on Facebook. He then used the dead teen’s thumb to unlock her iPhone and then updated her Snapchat to make it look like she had run away. The girl had done this before so he hoped it wouldn’t look suspicious. Varela then threw the phone away at a construction site.

Varela unlocked Noceda’s iPhone using her thumb and posted a Snapchat story (Facebook)

The authorities have since found the phone and are looking through its contents. Varela appeared in his first court hearing and it was reported by The Daily Herald that he was smirking the entire time.

Varela researched how to get rid of a body (Facebook)

One of the prosecutors said that Varela showed “a callous and shocking disregard for human life”. A judge has ordered that Varela is held in jail on a $500,000 bail.

Noceda’s aunt has started a GoFundMe campaign to help her family pay for her funeral. As of writing the article, the campaign has raised around $6,160.

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