17 Women That Lost Condoms Up Their Lady Parts

Safe sex is the best sex! Sure, condoms dona��t feel as good, but wouldna��t you rather avoid things like STDa��s and babies? Yeah, thought so.

But condoms can be tricky. They can snap, break, and just cause an all around unpleasant situation. But whata��s the worst thing a condom can do? Slip off.

Thata��s right, condoms slip off. And where is the worst place a condom can end up? Stuck inside someonea��s lady parts. Remember that time you used a condom to avoid STDs, infections, and pregnancy? Well that pesky mofo decided a�?screw ita�? and came off, exposing you once again to all those risks. DAMN YOU CONDOM!!

But, surprisingly, a condom slipping off can end in different scenarios. You see, apparently not all ladies can feel when a condom is stuck up there.. yeah, seriously. So ladies will have those lil guys stuck up there for days without even realizing it.

And I know youa��re thinking, a�?wouldna��t they notice during sex the condom came off?a�? Well, you see, therea��s this thing called drunk sex. Yeah, wea��ve all been there. Youa��re banging and youa��re like shit, wherea��d the condom go? And then you assume you forgot to use one a��cause youa��re drunk. WELL YOU DID USE ONE, AND ITa��S UP HER COOT COOT.

These 17 gals lost condoms up their lady parts:

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