16 Tattoo Cover Ups Worse Than The Original Tattoos

Tattoos are interesting because they can be both a positive and a negative thing at the same time. They are edgy and unique, they can be an excellent conversation starter and an ice-breaker at parties. At the same time, some tattoos can look very dated today (like the “tribal” tattoos that were all the rage back in the late 1990s), or in the case of today’s tattoos, they could have been covered-up so many times that they have lost their original point.

How Many Times Can You Find True Love?

Here is a tattoo some guy wears on his right arm. The good thing that you can instantly tell about him is that he is an optimist – no matter how many times love has failed him, he blindly leaps forward time and time again. Maybe girl #5 is going to be the right one?

No One Likes Andy

Here is a relationship cover-up tattoo, done on some girl’s back. There was obviously a time when she loved Andy with her whole heart – that’s why she tattooed his name on her. Yet, that time passed, and the tattoo stayed – until she added “Screw You” to it.

Growing Up

One of the biggest problems all people with tattoos face is that growing up, a lot of tattoos can lose their meaning. This girl, for example, had a great Hello Kitty tattoo, but she obviously outgrew her former self, so that’s she her old tattoo covered up.

Can’t Hide From the Playboy Bunny

Here is a tattoo that was placed on some girl’s back. Originally, she had a red-version of the Playboy bunny tattooed on her back, which she tried to cover up with a heart. When that didn’t work out, she did yet another tattoo, and her whole back looks like a mess now.

“They Broke Up”

Here is another insane tattoo cover-up. The guy that had the original tattoo obviously loved his girl. Sadly, something bad happened to their relationship, which means they broke up. He was so angry at her, that he remade her into the devil himself.

The Smart Cover-up

A lot of the people whose tattoos we are seeing today, seem to have completely messed up their cover-up efforts. Not this guy thought – he had a small, black and white Pikachu, and he added another larger, colorful Pikachu once he got the money for a better tattoo.

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