15 Confessions By Married Couples On Why They Decided Not To Live Together

In todaya��s time, living relationships have become very common and the society is, too slowly, opening up to people who live together without getting married. After all, living together has so many benefits. For starters, it saves money as both the people dona��t have to pay for their own housing. Though living together can have numerous advantages, there exist married couples who decided not to live together. They feel to get married does not mean staying together in the same room. Just for you, we at Sarcasm, have discovered 15 confessions by married couples on why they decided not to live together. Read on.

#1 I feel sad for married couples like these.

#2 Obviously they dona��t have to!

#3 Yes, ita��s quite an odd relationship in which theya��ve decided not to live together.

#4 After all, ita��s your happiness all that matters.

#5 Does this confession mean that too much closeness is actually not good.

#6 Indeed!

#7 Thata��s the best part of loving someone.

#8 Dona��t they deserve our salutes? Sacrificing their wishes for the nation. They are so beautiful.

#9 All I know is, whatever happens, happens for the best.

#10 And they dona��t like live in relationship. Is it?

#11 Beyond boundaries, marvelous.

#12 Priorities matter! But maybe that money he is earning is for giving them a better future.

#13 This one is sure to break your heart. ??

#14 Gosh that is scary!

#15 Dona��t worry, after a while, your mother in law wona��t come in between you two!

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